About Us

It all started with a prayer and a message from a local pastor, “If you never venture out into the deep end, how can you see God’s hand in your life? If you stay in the shallow end where it is safe, you are in control, let God be in control and watch what he can do.”

With these words in mind, Joseph Bastos decided to step away from a high paying sales job with time consuming hours and chose a path where he could spend more time with his family; his wife Donnel and his three kids Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Christianna. With little knowledge of production, but a wealth of knowledge in sales, Joseph decided to enter the screen printing and embroidery business.

In 1994, JCt’s Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery was open for business. Initially serving strictly as a broker for churches, schools and non-profits, Joseph was able to create a respectable sized clientele base. Eventually, seeing the opportunity, he moved the company into it’s own, full production, location in the breezy Costa Mesa, California on July 2, 1996.

Once the doors opened, and the name changed to JCtees.com Corporation, business was off and running. The prayers were answered and qualified employees walked through the doors, giving the company quality control over production, graphics, and delivery, like never before. Offering top notch customer service and high quality printing and products, the referrals continued to roll in.

Through all of the ups and downs with the economy and a fire in a neighboring building, JCtees.com has been able to continually satisfy it’s customers. In 2011, JCtees.com moved it’s shop to a larger facility in Laguna Hills, California. Now with the capacity for larger production scale screen printing, a skilled team comprising of a graphic artist, production manager, promotional department head, and a fulfillment director, JCtees.com is poised to service Orange County as one of the premier Screen Printing, Embroidery, Promotional Items and Fulfillment Centers for a long time to come.

Philippians 4:13